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Life is Relationship

Significantly, it is the very quality of our relationships that can determine the quality of our life. By identifying your attachment style, it can help you begin to understand your own patterns, to create more meaningful connections.

Most people who contact me, have experienced some form of relational difficulty. Whether they are unfulfilled in their current relationship, or maybe can’t find a healthy one. Often these experiences have roots in early life.


Our early caregivers shape, influence and inform our interpersonal skills. As experience works alongside genetics, determining how the brain is wired, working experientially and integrating mindful compassion can strengthen neural pathways, helping establish and maintain nourishing connections.

Knowing your Attachment Style
Can Help You

If you are struggling with patterns of chaotic relationships, therapy can help you relate in healthy ways, to achieve greater connection.

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Relationship Therapy

Working with a counsellor can help partners to effectively and successfully use one another for regulation. Conflict offers an opening to work through, to restore communication.


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Mind & Body

Taking an empowered stance toward our own mind, our sensations, feelings and reactions in the moment, requires attention to our own experience. 

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